• About Madison Scottsdale

Madison Scottsdale is the insurance company asset management group of Madison Investment Advisors, LLC.  We serve the unique investment needs of insurance companies. Experience has shown us that most insurance companies are extremely well versed in their own business activities, yet often find making complex investment decisions a daunting task. Most investment management firms, however, do not fully understand the world in which insurance companies operate.

It is critical that any investment manager hired to manage an insurance company portfolio have a full and complete knowledge of the insurance business.  Insurance company portfolios cannot be managed in a vacuum, as investment decisions have a direct impact on all areas of their business. The investment manager must be aware of this at all times, and make portfolio decisions accordingly.

Our Strategy

Our investment management effort is proactive and addresses the issues that continually confront our clients (i.e. tax issues, impact of mark-to-market securities, risk-based capital, etc.) This begins with getting to know our client's needs, and then developing a customized investment program based upon individual needs and circumstances. The principal objectives in managing insurance company assets are to protect and grow surplus. As such:

  • Client specific considerations can often overrule investment ones
  • Portfolio construction is just as important as security selection
  • Extreme positions are seldom appropriate
  • Absolute performance is as meaningful as relative performance

Our principal objective is to establish long-term client relationships built upon a commitment of communication and trust.


Our Advantage
  • In-depth knowledge of insurance companies
  • Intimate understanding of each client's needs and objectives
  • Customized portfolio accounting and reporting
  • Experienced, in-depth management expertise typically found only in the largest of investment firms, yet with close attention and a personalized level of service