• What We Believe

Madison Scottsdale does not operate on a product offerings basis. Instead, a customized portfolio strategy is developed for each client. Unlike typical "institutional" type investment managers who tend to limit their interest in the portfolio to guideline instructions and parameters, we take a proactive approach. We believe the investment function cannot effectively be performed in a vacuum, but in concert with the direction and objectives of your company as a whole.

Investment decisions have a direct impact on all areas of your business. We begin by obtaining a thorough understanding of your business through financial analysis, discussions with management and, when necessary, your company's actuaries and tax accountants. This information, when combined with our detailed analytics of the existing investment portfolio and our review of state regulations, allows us to formulate what we believe to be an optimal investment strategy. Continual monitoring of your company's financial objectives, as well as changes in the capital markets enables us to reposition the portfolio as necessary to support the direction of your company.