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Investment Accounting, Reporting and Analytics for Insurers

Madison Scottsdale provides a web-based, fully integrated Accounting, Compliance and Risk reporting platform powered by Clearwater Analytics.

Benefits for Insurers

  • Transparent: Single, consolidated view of investment assets, including Statutory Deposits
  • Complete: Multi-bases, multi-currency accounting for insurers, including GAAP, STAT and Schedule D
  • Integrated: Accounting, compliance and risk reporting in one solution
  • Accurate: Investment data aggregated, reconciled and validated on a daily basis
  • Detailed: Easily drill-down from high-level reports to the individual security and tax-lot level
  • Flexible: Custom date ranges, portfolio views, and entitlements
  • Timely: Intuitive, web-based interface, accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Economical: No software to manage, no hardware to purchase and maintain, no implementation or maintenance fees
  • Dedicated: A certified, world-class client service team works as an extension of your team

Provides daily, audit-quality accounting reports, balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows for individual portfolios or aggregates, including GAAP, Statutory and Tax accounting disclosures.

Compare the status of a portfolio's compliance to the investment policy at the individual account or aggregate level.

Dashboard-style reports include major risk concentrations (credit, duration, market cap, country, currency, security type, sector, etc.) with in-depth drill-down functionality. Measure, understand and report on risk for a portfolio or a group of portfolios across multiple asset classes.